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Commercial Construction Services

Frontier Builders, Incorporated is one of the few log building companies in North America that specializes in commercial log structures. A prime example of our capabilities is the 13,000 square foot Whitetail Inn in St. Germain, Wisconsin. It is more than a log structure. It is a destination. Tourists often make a special stop to view the log work at the Whitetail Inn. Imagine what that extra customer traffic could do for your business!

Our involvement with commercial projects always begins in the planning stage. Commercial projects require expertise and precision. Our staff works closely with architectural firms, structural engineers, and design engineers to build a commercial building that is both beautiful and structurally sound. 

We have also worked with conventional commercial building contractors to add log accents to their projects. For example, we have built trusses for a mall, provided posts and railings for sporting good retailers, and provided log entrances for hotels.

Some of our commercial customers have hired us to build additional structures for them. The reason is simple, as one customer stated: "Buy a quality log structure and you pay only once. At one time, I hired a builder with little commercial experience and ended up paying twice as much as I should have."