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Home Styles

Here at Frontier Builders you can choose from variety of handcrafted construction styles to build your dream home. 

  • Full Scribe log,
  • Flat-on-flat log,
  • timber frame
  • timber frame hybrid
  • log frame hybrid.

Each of these styles has it's own Pro's and Con's. Need more info here

We also offer several corner systems such as the saddle notch, dovetail, round notch or butt and pass for you to choose from.

Construction Styles

Full-Scribe Log

A Full-scribe (scribe-fit) log home is truly handcrafted. These home are built by hand one piece at a time with a logcrafter fitting each and every naturally-shaped piece together. Need more info here.

Flat-on-Flat Log

A Flat-on-flat log home is .... Need more info here.

Timber Frame

A Timber Frame is ..... Need more info here.

Timber Frame Hybrid

A Timber Frame Hybrid is ..... Need more info here.

Log frame Hybrid

A log frame hybrid is ..... Need more info here.

Corner Styles

Saddle Notch


Round Notch

Butt and Pass