We Have a Variety of Construction Styles

Construction Styles

Full-Scribe Log Home

A Full-scribe (scribe-fit) log home is truly handcrafted. These home are built by hand one piece at a time with a log crafter fitting each and every naturally-shaped piece together. They are notched where they overlap at the corners, and there are several ways to notch the logs.

Flat-on-Flat Log Home

In the flat-on-flat method, logs are flattened on the top and bottom and then stacked (usually with butt-and-pass corners).

Timber Frame

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Timber Frame Hybrid

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Log frame Hybrid

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Corner Styles

Saddle Notch

The saddle notch has a curved semi-circular scribe at each end of the log, this allows it to fit perfectly to the log below and form the corner.


Typically seen on square, hewn, or chink-style logs. A dovetail joint is cut on the end of a log, where it would rest in a corner—one to the right and one to the left; this creates a tight, interlocking corner. Handcrafted dovetails can be “full dovetail” (notch surface slopes in two directions simultaneously) or “half dovetail” (notch surface slopes in one direction).

Round Notch

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Butt and Pass

Unscribed (or milled) logs butt up against each other at the corners without notching